Belgian Chocolate Brands

Belgian chocolate brands are one of the most preferred brands of many people. This is because of the passion and time involved in making these brands to be the best quality. Another major reason is the tradition: it is known that chocolate was produced in Brussels since 1697. Belgian producers exported annually more than 100,000 tons of chocolate, which is a remarkable result for such a small country. Here are the most liked Belgian brands.

Cote d’Or

The inception of the company was in 1883 and after 130 years, it has not stopped to satisfy its customers. It is one of the most favored types of brand by Belgians. The company was founded and registered by Charles Neuhaus who had a great passion in delivering quality chocolate. The name Cote d’Or refers to a place in the Gold Coast in Africa hat is famous in producing cocoa. The logo of the company was created in 1906. It has an elephant with palm trees and in addition three pyramids.  The ownership of the company has changed as it is now owned by an American Company called Phillip Morris.


A lot of investments have been put into this company to become one of the leading producers of Belgian dark chocolate. In addition, it also specializes in producing high quality cacao. The company was created in 1850. It started as a malt brewery, until in 1911 it is when they turned to producing chocolate bars. The company is now owned by a Swiss company called Suchard who bought the company in 1981.

Belgian chocolate shop

Belgian chocolate shop



The company was started by Jean Neuhaus together with his brother-in-law they opened a successful pharmaceutical confectionery.  This was in 1857 but things changed in 1895 when the company changed to a confectionery and chocolate and renamed to Neuhaus-Perrin. Things took another turn in the year 191 when Jean Neuhaus junior brought chocolate creams in the market which were called pralines. This showed how he was dedicated to giving the people a new kind of chocolate brands other than what they were used to. Since then, this company has risen to become the best producers of Belgian dark chocolate brands.


This is a company that enjoys worldwide reputation of producing quality chocolate brands that everybody would like to have. The company was founded about 75 years ago by Joseph Draps this was in Brussels. What makes it to be among top Belgian chocolate brands is because of the level of creativity involved. Their packaging used is beautiful and a lot of remarkable detail is involved. This shows that this company is professional in whatever it does. Godiva was introduced in the USA in 1966 and currently there are over 200 outlets in the country.


The company has over 2000 points of sales for their products. It has around 350 stores in Belguim alone. This shows how well they have penetrated the chocolate market. It was founded by a Belgian named Leonidas Kesdekidis with his first store in Brussels.  The company logo was created in 1935 by his nephew showing Greek warrior who is Leonidas in this case as a King of Sparta. The company only uses first class and fresh ingredients to create its products. This is what makes them to be a preferred brand of chocolate in Belguim.


Belgian chocolatesOn this occasion, we have listed only the most popular Belgian chocolate brands. However, if you find yourself in Belgium, do not miss the opportunity to try their fabulous dark chocolate pralines. You can do this in more than 2140 chocolate shops and most of them have their own chocolate production.






Moreover, you can make Belgian mousse at home:

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