Benefits Of Raw Chocolates

There are so numerous health benefits in raw organic chocolates that make it a craze. Raw chocolates contain enzymes that preserve anadamide, a chemical produced in our brain when we are in a good mood. Cacao makes anadmide last longer. Natural chocolate also contains phenylethylamines , a chemical that make people feel as if they are in love. Raw cacao is among the most ultimate alkaline and contains a large amount of magnesium!  This important mineral supports human heart, increases mental power, improves bowel movements, calm down muscles and menstrual cramps, increases alkalescence and  flexibility, and also building of strong bones. When human body has enough magnesium, arteries and veins in body will start to relax, which lifts the resistance and improves the flow of oxygen, blood and nutrients. Magnesium deficiency creates heart complications more rapidly than you expected. Frequent consumption of cocoa will quickly eliminate the shortage of magnesium.

Cocoa is the best source of antioxidants in the world. When you take into account the relationship of weight / quantity of antioxidants, cacao is much ahead than pomegranate, blueberries, goji berries and coffee. Antioxidants help especially the elderly, that’s why we need to consume more of it to protect our health.

raw chocolate

If you specify only 28 grams of cocoa a day, you took 314% of the Recommended Daily Allowance of the iron. Iron is the main carrier of oxygen in the haemoglobin, which is very important for human metabolism. It prevents us from feeling tired all day and increases our energy levels and concentration.

Cocoa is rich in chromium, which keeps blood sugar levels. Problem with the level of sugar in the blood is our  body makes us to take unhealthy foods. Intake of junk food is directly responsible for the unhealthy fats in the body. Therefore, getting enough chromium in the body will regulate blood sugar levels.

Cocoa is an excellent source of zinc. This mineral is important for maintaining a good condition of the skin, the liver, the pancreas and the entire immune system. Zinc participates in numerous enzymatic reactions of the human organism. Skin problems, such as acne and eczema are also treated with zinc.

Another important element which is rich in cocoa is copper. As part of the vitamin C, it helps to build and lift the immunity of whole body. The human body, in contrast to the other useful substances, can’t produce Vitamin C, and can’t preserve it. If you enter only 28 grams of cocoa a day, you enter 21% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C. As is well known, high temperatures will destroys the vitamin C. So do not cook the chocolate, or you will eliminate the influence of vitamin C.

Happy girl with chocolate

The self-defense of the human body is based on serotonin, which play a role of central neurotransmitter. Cocoa is superfood containing a high content of serotonin. Very important feature of serotonin is that it causes the feeling of happiness in your body. Even if it’s not all just right, and your serotonin levels are high, you’ll feel great The opposite is also true: if you have low serotonin, you will feel depressed, no matter what the circumstances were at the time. Most people who suffer from depression have consistently low levels of serotonin. The message is clear: Just enter each day a small amount of dark chocolate and you will be happy.

Cacao contains the necessary amounts of omega-6 fatty acids that our body needs to ensure proper brain and muscle development as well as a cooperating nervous system. As soon as chocolate is processed the omega-6 fatty acids turns into transfats, which leads to inflammatory reactions when consumed. This cqan cause chronic illnesses as well as high cholesterol.


We have mentioned only the most important benefits of raw chocolates, and we have not even mentioned the most important: gives you a real pleasure every day!


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