BitterSweet vs Semi Sweet Chocolate

When we talk about dark chocolate, we must mention that it has a lot of subspecies. Many are often confused because they do not know which type to choose. People therefore ask: what is Bittersweet Chocolate? The answer is very simple: it is a dark chocolate with added of at least 35% cacao solids. In the UK rule for bittersweet chocolate is that it must contain at least 43% cocoa. The sugar content in this chocolate is minimal. It does not contain traces of milk. These are mostly gluten free chocolate, but you should check just in case. It is used mainly for cooking and for eat.

Since it is kind of dark chocolate, it contains flavonoids, which are excellent for health. From that reason, it is a very popular these days. It is used by people who have problems with overweight. With addition of bittersweet chocolate, one ingest nutrients that are great for balanced diet. Of course, one should not eat more than 50 grams per day, as though contains fat, which adds calories.

bittersweet chocolate vs semi sweet

Another term that is also frequently mentioned is the Semi-Sweet Chocolate. It is a chocolate that has at least 35% cocoa solids (as Bittersweet), but it contains little more sugars. Term
Semi-Sweet is mainly used in the USA. This kind of dark chocolate is also generally used for baking and eating. It is estimated that Bittersweet chocolate has a deeper flavor than Semi-Sweet. So in conclusion, we can say that the  bittersweet chocolate is healthier because with its consumption you will bring in your body a lot less sugar. As you probably know, sugar is one of the main drivers of certain diseases.

The most famous bittersweet chocolate bars

In the first place we must mention Scharffen Berger bittersweet chocolate bar. As we bittersweet scharffenBerger 70
mentioned earlier, the main characteristic of this species is at least 35% cocoa solids. However, in this case chocolate bar has 70% cocoa. This chocolate is gluten-free and certified kosher. There is phenomenal taste, despite the high percentage of cocoa. There are dozens of recipes for cakes where you can use this chocolate. Try some of them, they will bring a lot of pleasure to you and your family.





Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate Bar bittersweet Ghirardelli 60
This chocolate can be used for baking, and eating. It has a great balance of sweet and bitter. A true chocolate lovers still use this type primarily for baking. What is interesting for this chocolate  is the caloric value. In 10 grams of this chocolate bar you will get 5g of Carbohydrates, 3.75g of Total Fat and 0.625g of proteins.





Dark Lindt Swiss Bittersweet Bar bittersweet Lindt SWISS
This chocolate has the lowest percentage of cocoa solids, only 49%. However, this chocolate is
excellent, made ​​from the best Swiss masters of sweets. If one have problem with weight, all one need is the amount of 42 grams per day. With that quantity, one will enter enough nutrients, but it contains 210 calories, so be careful. Especially as this chocolate is very tasty.




The most famous  semisweet chocolate bars

As in the case of bittersweet, starting with Scharffen Berger chocolate with 62% cocoa. semisweet scharffenBerger 62Unlike bittersweet cousin, the taste is a little softer and tends to taste the honey and lemon. Although it is sweeter than type with 70%, however, is not too sweet. This type you can use for cooking, if you prefer a softer taste






Leonidas Nibs is semisweet chocolate with 54% cocoa. Semisweet Leonidas nibsTaste is similar to the previous example, also leaning towards lemon. Into cubes of chocolate’s profile is imprinted Spartan Warrior. However, this chocolate is much sweeter than the last. Of course, it’s not as sweet as milk chocolate, but dark chocolate enthusiasts feel the difference. This semisweet type of chocolate nibs like mostly people in middle age,  children much rarer.



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