Chocolate Liqueur Brands

Cocoa, the essence of chocolate, originally consumed as a drink. The cocoa bean was powdered and was subjected to some simple processing before use. Chocolate liqueur and Chocolate wine are two types of chocolate drinks in modern time. There are disagreements among wine lovers whether choco liqueur can be classified as alcoholic drink category? So whatever, in the older days choco liqueurs was prepared with adding liqueur while in modern times alcoholic content are integral part of preparation. However, chocolate wine falls under the category of liquor. Let me describe each of them below.

What is Chocolate Liqueur?

Simply said, it is a liqueur that tastes like chocolates. Surprisingly, it is not a new invention. Its history dates back to as early as 1666 in France, where few sellers were making and selling a beverage called Chocolate en liqueur. References about chocolate liqueur recipes have been discovered in British and American cookbooks. They come in all sizes and shapes and rose to popularity during the chocolate craze in 1990’s.

History of chocolate liqueur recipes has been divided into two parts – pre 19th century and post 19th century.  Before 10th century, chocolate liqueur had cocoa as the main ingredient while modern basic chocolate recipe has cocoa extracts, vanilla, vanilla extract, vodka and simple syrup. Often glycerine is added to keep the chocolate extracts in suspension and make the chocolate thicker.

Chocolate Liqueur Brands

BOLS Crème de Cacao Whitechocolate liqueur

BOLS Crème de Cacao White is a clear liqueur with delicious milk chocolate flavours, underpinned by faint vanilla and apricot tonnes. It was originally developed specifically for consumers and bartenders, who wanted a liqueur having milk chocolate flavours.


Bottega Gianduia

Distilleria Bottega, an Italian company, is producer of Bottega Gianduia liqueur. This is famous for having chocolate and hazelnut flavour. It is produced from the infusion of Alexander Grappa and Giandula chocolate. The liqueur is smooth and unctuous and has nice fragrant.

Mozart Black Chocolate LiqueurMozart Black

Mozart Black liqueur is famous for high cocoa content as high as 87%. It is produced by Mozart Distillerie. It is popular both for quality and cheap price tag. It is 4% less expensive than average liqueur.  The alcoholic content is derived from the fine distillate in sugar cane.




Faretti Biscotti Chocolate

Faretti Biscotti Chocolate liqueur is well noted for its chocolate flavour. These liqueurs are handcrafted in a place called Rovereto in northern Italy. The liqueur is manufactured according to a proprietary recipe that asks for a base neutral spirits that steeped with nuts, fennel, citrus and caramel to reproduce the flavour of the famous twice-baked biscuit.


Today,  there is an increasing demand for this type of alcoholic drinks. This drink is popular not only in Europe and America, but in many Asian countries. Therefore, it is expected to have the appearance of large numbers of new chocolate liqueur brands.

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