Chocolate Wine Brands

Chocolate wines, which are a blend of wine and chocolates, have been popping up from many places in USA and UK. Chocolate and wine pairing usually are done by wine producers during festive seasons like Valentine day.People love both chocolates and wine but many consider them as too odd to be paired with. But many wine producers have proved the hypothesis wrong. If you have right wine to complement right chocolate, it can be a match made in heaven. Chocolate Shop, the famous store based in Washington, has been successful in producing different type of chocolate wines. They have emphasized that chocolate wine is not straightforward pairing of chocolate and wine but involves finding out best chocolate and wine combination.

The keys in making chocolate wine are following:

  1.  The wine you choose should be sweeter than chocolate. It is advised to use cocoa powder with little sugar or else the taste can be acidic.
  2.  It is a fact that both chocolate and wine are bitter in taste. Chocolate should be processed well to remove the bitterness or at least minimise it.
  3. While pairing wine and chocolates, try to match lighter, much elegant flavour chocolates with lighter bodied wine.
  4. “Mix and Match” approach rather than “Whole scale preparation” is recommended for making chocolate wine.

Chocolate wine

Chocolate wine brands

Chocolate wine is a new concept and is manufactured in limited scale. Only few companies in USA and UK make chocolate wine and that too usually in festive seasons like Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

You may be wondering what distinguish between chocolate liqueur and chocolate wine when alcohol content is integral part of both the beverages. The distinction between the two is though blurred it is the amount of alcoholic content that distinguish between the two. Chocolate liqueur has usually a light alcoholic content and even sometimes absent, while chocolate wine has more alcoholic ingredients.


chocolate shop

The most well-known company that manufacture chocolate wine is Chocolate Shop, an American wine producer based on Washington. It famous chocolate wine brand is The Ultimate Chocolate Lover’s Wine. It is a deep, ruby red wine blended with rich, velvety chocolate flavouring. It has an pleasant aroma of black cherry and dark cocoa.




Another emerging and popular brand is Confectioner’s Chocolate Red Wine. It is a delectable, soft-style red wine delicately blended with rich, velvety chocolate. It has an overpowering chocolate aroma and flavour that smells and tastes chocolate.



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