When chocolate classification on basis on nationality comes, two brands automatically come to our mind. One is Swiss chocolates and the other is Belgian chocolates. In the past Swiss chocolates dominated world chocolate industry for decades. It is Belgian chocolate companies that destroyed monopoly of Swiss chocolates and able to give neck to neck competition.
Among some popular chocolate manufacturers in Belgium Cote d’Or and Neuhaus stand out. They are the driving Belgian chocolates in modern times. Cote d’Or is owned by the well-known world famous brand Mondelez International. It was Charles Neuhaus who founded Cote d’Or in 1883. Cote d’Or is the name of contemporary Ghana those days. The manufacture used to import cacao from Ghana to manufacture chocolates.
Belgians consume $600 million Cote d’Or products each year.  Every year the company produces 1.3 million mignonettes (small chocolate bars) and two millions Chocotoffs (chocolate bonbons). The company’s main plant is now shifted to Poland. Cote d’Or chocolates are available in 40 countries across five continents.

Best of Cote d’Or

classic_cotedorCote d’Or Classic: It is a very delicious Cote d’Or chocolate featured in Centennial paper wrap packaging from 1911. It is available in four different flavours: milk chocolates with minimum 34% cocoa, milk with Hazelnuts, Noir de Noir(minimum 54% Cocoa) and Fondant Purr (minimum 48% Cocoa).

Cote d’Or Milk Chocolate: Cote d’Or milk chocolate is unique, intense and has authentic taste. It is synonymous with great craftsmanship and unwavering standards of quality.



Cote d’Or Praline Chocolate: The Praline range chocolate contains desert 5, Praline Noisette, Praline Noir and Praline Double Lait. cote_d_or_pralineDessert 58 was especially created for the 1958 world fair in Brussels, and after more than 50 years still is the favourite filled chocolate for many Blegians.



truffes-cotedorCote d’Or Truffe Noir: The chocolate is peculiarly characterized by the contrast of a smooth truffe filing and the intensity of dark Noir chocolate.

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