Chocolate Truffles Brands

Dark chocolate truffles are one of the most popular chocolate truffles in the world. They are popular not because of their taste but because they contain very essence of chocolate – cocoa – in large quantity. A chocolate truffle in order to be considered dark, it must have 70% or more cocoa. The “cocoa content” is the measure stick of how dark the flavor is going to be.

List Of Chocolate Truffles Brands

There are many chocolate manufacturers who manufacture dark chocolate truffles. Here is the selection of very best of the best.

Lindor truffles chocolateLindor: Lindor chocolate company requires no introduction. Chocolates would be never same again without them. The dark chocolate truffles they manufacture has an irresistible smooth dark ganache surrounded by a delicate dark chocolate shell. The premium quality is an ideal choice of gift to present your loved ones.



Godiva: Godiva is Belgian chocolate manufacturing company. Its products including dark chocolate truffles are loved everywhere in the world. If you are looking for an divine chocolate indulgence, Godiva dark chocolate truffle is the first among equals.


Amlie Chocolat: Amlie chocolat is another Belgian company that has carved out a niche for itself for its fresh, natural and no preservatives chocolate truffle. If you are a hardcore naturalist, Amelie Chocolat’s dark chocolates should be your automatic choice.


Chocolate Truffle Company: Based in Essex, UK, Chocolate Truffle Company is famous for its intense flavor dark chocolate truffle. The ingredients are imported from specific places like Peru and Venezuela. They are the most popular local chocolate manufacturer in UK.


halls trufflesHoll’s: Holl’s is a Swiss chocolate maker famous for its classic dark chocolate truffles. The creamy ganache has an aroma only Swiss chocolate makers can provide.


Vosges Haut-Chocolat: An American company, whose dark chocolate truffle consists of ingredients like root, herbs, spices and flowers imported from Italian and former Aztec area and are mixed with cocoa. This gives a traditional touch to its dark chocolate truffles.

The way dark chocolate truffles are made, the divine taste it emits and the health benefits it provides indicate that heaven truly does exist on earth. And the easiest way to access the heaven is to pop a dark chocolate truffle into your mouth!

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