Famous Swiss Chocolate Brands

Lindt lindorSwiss people not only make chocolates, they eat too. No wonder Switzerland has highest per capita chocolate consumption, i.e, 25.6 lbs. per year. The Swiss produces about 150, 000 tons of chocolate per year. It is not surprising considering the mountain terrain and weather Switzerland it has. Chocolate provide them a quick source of energy.Many of Swiss chocolate brands have craved a special place in world chocolate market. Here are few of top Swiss chocolate brands that have reputation as well as rich histories.

Lindt: Founded in 1846, Lindt is a premium Swiss chocolate and confectionery company. It has its headquarter in Kilchberg, Switzerland and offices in many other countries. In its course of history, it acquired some well known chocolate companies of world like Hofbauer (Austrian) in 1994, Caffarel (Italian) in 1997 and Ghirardelli (American) in 1998.  It has a staggering market share of 30 %. Some of the famous chocolates it manufactures are Lindor, Orange Intense, Poire Intense, Dark Chocolates, Caramel Crunchy and Pistachio.

Frey: The Company is founded in 1887 and was purchased by Swiss supermarket chain Migros group in 1950. Today Frey is best selling chocolate brand in Switzerland that sells both in domestic and international market. Giandor and Supreme are its well knows chocolates.

Cailler_Noir_Truffon_150_370_enlCailler: Cailler is the oldest chocolate manufacturer in Switzerland and one of the world’s finest chocolate brands. In 1929, the chocolate brand was purchased by manufacturing giant Nestle Corporation. For generations, the Cailler brand has created irresistible chocolate products that have contributed to the positive, world-renowned reputation of Swiss chocolate.

Cailler mainly cater to Swiss domestic market and not marketed word wide. May be this is the reason it lacks name and recognition of Lindt or Frey.

Toblerone: Toblerone, the well known Swiss chocolates is one-century old brand and boasts itself being the only triangular chocolate in the world. They developed a unique milk chocolate including nougat, almonds and honey. Company’s chocolates are manufactured in Switzerland only and exported to other countries of the world. It enjoys the distinction of being number one chocolate brand across duty free stores at airport across the world.

Milka was founded by confectioner Phillipe Suchard in 1825 in Switzerland with opening of a small store. However, the name “Milka” is later origin. It was registered in 1901. It was derived from two words ‘Milch’ (Milk) and ‘Kakao’ (cocoa). The company has branch in many countries. The chocolate comes in variety of different combinations. The Alpenmichschokolade is the most popular variety. Other varieties are chocolate with hazelnuts, chocolate with strawberry filling chocolate with yougurt telling etc. It is tradition of company to package all chocolate bars with the traditional purple packaging and the purple-cow logo.

teuscherTeuscher: Founded in 1932 by Dolf Teuscher, Teuscher is another globally known Swiss chocolate brand. Its main store is in Zurich and has outlets in USA, Candada, Singapore, Japan and Germany. The dark chocolate is most famous chocolate it makes.

Coop Prix Garantie: This Swiss brand may not enjoy the same stature like Lindt and Frey, but their budget line of chocolate is comparable to other high quality brands. Giandino dark and Giandino milk are loved by every chocolate lover.

Despite the tough completion from Belgian and American chocolate companies in the last century, the Swiss chocolate brands have not only survived the competition but also able to maintain their reputation intact. They could do so because they never compromised quality and always looked for improvement.

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