German Dark Chocolate Brands

Like Beer and bratwurst, chocolates in Germany have a German aura.  German chocolates are usually prepared from ground roasted cacao beans, the seed of Theobroma cacao tree.   Like people of other countries, Germans too love chocolates. In fact the love is such that it is engrained into culture. It is integral part of many German cultural traditions. Kids love it more than any other candy. It is not surprising that Germany ranks second in term of highest chocolate consumption per annum, only after Switzerland.There are so many German Chocolate brands in the country engaged in manufacturing chocolates. Chocolate productions in German take so many forms like chocolate liquor, chocolate cake, chocolate bar etc. German chocolate bars are very famous and comparable to Swiss and Belgian brands.

Type of German Chocolates

German chocolate can be categorised into four types, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and melting chocolate.

Dark chocolate in Germany is known as Bitterschokolade in German as it tastes bitter due to high cocoa content. Dark chocolate is loved by German not just because they contain essence of chocolate but also has many health benefits. The dark chocolate available in Germany can be further categorised into two chocolates: bittersweet chocolate and semi sweet chocolate. The former contains 60% of cocoa solids while the latter 50%.

Milk chocolate is another popular chocolate manufactured in Germany. They are so called because they contain at least 20% of milk powders. It contains sweeter and contain less solids than dark chocolates. Again there are three types of milk chocolates i.e, milk chocolate, whole milk chocolate and cream milk chocolate. 3.5%, 4.5% and 5.5% milk fats are there in milk chocolate, whole milk chocolate and cream milk chocolate.

White chocolate many people do not considered White chocolate as a “real” chocolate. The common chocolate  has brown colour. The main characteristics is that it contains only cocoa butter without other parts of cacao. It is sweeter in taste.

Melting Chocolate: German name of melting chocolate is Kῢverture.  It is a chocolate primarily used in banking and production of candies. It is purchased in solid form and it is then heated to liquid forms to use it as a cover of baked goods. Like other chocolates it contains cocoa solid, cocoa butter and sugar. Melted Kῢverture is able to create a very thin layer around cookies and other confectionery.

German Chocolate Brands

In short period of time German chocolate brands have established their reputation in the world. It is heartening to see passionate German chocolate makers competing with legendary Swiss and Belgian chocolate manufactures. Here are some famous kinds of this delicacies:

Asbach German chocolate pralineAsbach: This chocolate company was founded by Hugo Asbach in in Rῢdesheim in the German state of Rhineland Platinate. The company quickly acquired faces for its brand “Asbach Uralt”.  The chocolate however was introduced in 1924 and are filled with Asbach Uralt brandy. Today the company produces a variety of chocolates. The most well-known product is the miniature bottle-shaped chocolate filled with Asbach Uralt brandy.





Sarotti: Sarotti is another traditional German chocolate brand. This brand was founded in 1852. It made a humble beginning when its owner Ludwin Neumann opened his shop with candies in Berlin city in 1852.  The store then was acquired by Hugo Hoffman in 1881. His first move was to call the store:  “Sarotti”. Its genie log was designed in 1918, which still used by company today. The brand is famous for high quality chocolate and carefully selected components. Sarotti  chocolate bars are tailor mad for the die-hard chocolate bar aficionado. The product range is broad and includes all chocolate kinds, from milk chocolate to the chocolate with hazelnuts and many other ingredients.


German chocolate company Halloren Mozart kuglenHalloren: Halloren is founded in 1804 in Halle. This oldest chocolate brand of Germany was established by Friedrich A Miethe. In the older days it used to manufacture under the brand  “Mignon” – this brand is still their property. Today they are very famous for Hallorenkugel. This delicacy contains cream, chocolate, and many extra tastes. Other specialities included the filled chocolate, rum balls, chocolate covered jellies, coconut flakes and chocolate bars.




And article or discussion on chocolate would remain complete without mentioning of chocolate bar. German chocolate bars are one of their kinds. And that is the exact reason when kids to grown-up die for this heavenly thing. The most popular chocolate bar is Nuss-Scokolade, chocolate bars containing whole or chopped hazelnuts. There are many other varieties of chocolate bars like chocolate with strawberries, yoghurt, peppermint, nougat marzipan, coffee and many other combinations.

In any case, this German chocolate brands will retain their status in the future, as products of the highest quality.

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