In 1926, founder Joseph Draps opened his first GODIVA Chocolatier shop in Belgium. Godiva became the chocolatier of choice in Belgium and the talk of the chocolate world. Joseph, created a new line of Belgian chocolates with extraordinary richness, premium quality, and iconic style. He wanted a name for his company that personified timeless values balanced with modern boldness much like the lady of legend ‘Godiva’. This choice became clear to Draps and he named his company GODIVA.

At present the name GODIVA is known and loved in over more than 80 countries throughout the world and one of the most famous Belgian chocolate brands. Godiva operates and owns over 450 boutiques worldwide, you can find a comprehensive selection of Godiva offerings. Some of them are:

Large 72% Dark Chocolate Bar

This dark chocolate bar is sure to bring joy godiva 72 dark chocolate bar
to any true chocolate lover. It is divided into ten signature squares so you can break off a little piece of GODIVA every day or share with friends. This bar makes a perfect gift for your favorite dark chocolate lover.




Dark Chocolate Truffle Heart Biscuit

The Dark Chocolate Truffle Heart Biscuit Godiva Dark Chocolate Truffle Heart Biscuit
features customary European heart shaped biscuits which are covered with the most beautiful dark chocolate loaded with delicious chocolate truffle crème. Buttery, Crisp, and filled with GODIVA’s ultimate experience. These can be a perfect present for your valentine’s day.



Wrapped Dark Chocolate Caramel

These individually Wrapped Dark Chocolate Godiva Wrapped Dark Chocolate Caramel
Caramels, filled with a soft caramel center and separately wrapped in smaller sizes so you can have the pleasure of eating them anytime, anyplace. It is perfect for many different occasions – birthday celebrations, hostess and teacher gifts, or just saying thank you.

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