Greek Dark Chocolate

Summer is the season of holidays, and Greece is one of the favorite tourist destinations. In addition to enjoying the sandy beach and warm waters, one should not forget other pleasures: dark chocolate for example. . Even the ancient Greeks were known for making a variety of sweets. Chocolate came to Europe much later, in the 16 century. Greek pastry welcomed new delicacy readily. In Greece today there are hundreds of small, handmade workshops for making chocolate cakes and chocolate bars. What specifically characterizes Greece candy shops is a great use of pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts. They are also known for making great chocolate pudding, in which you can add a dozen of extras. Apart from small handmade stores, there are a lot of serious chocolate manufacturers wholesalers. We will describe to you several famous Greek chocolate brands.

Famous Greek Chocolate Brands

One of the critically acclaimed, best Greek brands of dark chocolate is ION. This brand has dozens of excellent types of chocolate.Greek dark chocolate with almond

We would single out two types of dark chocolate: Dark chocolate with almonds and chocolate 3011. Chocolate with almonds is built up with 72% cocoa.  A fine selection of the best varieties of roasting cocoa. The taste is rich and very lovable. Besides chocolate 72% with almond, there is also a variant with a strawberry, but would in any case chosen almond for its exotic taste. Chocolate 3011 is a classic chocolate for candy shops. It has 58% cocoa and is perfect for making chocolate cakes. It gives to cakes full flavor and nice smell.



Next popular Greek chocolate brand is Astir. The company was founded 1933. In the beginning it was a small operation, but in the seventies it underwent a major expansion. Currently occupies over 45% of the Greek market. The most famous product of this Athens company is Astir dark chocolate flowers with a cocoa content of over 60%.


Bolero greek chocolateBrand Bolero is the youngest of all the listed Greek brands. The company was founded in 1987, but has had very rapid growth.  Bolero is mainly engaged in the production of high-quality black and milk chocolate. Most of the products are exported, but of course, you can buy their products in Greece. Their best product is dark chocolate with almonds.


In addition to the above mentioned brands, we have to mention one commercial brand: Carrefur. We tried their chocolate with 72% cocoa and compared the price is quite fair. The price is normally below one euro for 100gr. Chocolate has a satisfying taste.


And finally, we have a special recommendation for handmade chocolate shop Max Perry. There are in all major locations in Greece, here you can find all locations.

Max Perry cafeterias are well provided with high quality products. As far as dark chocolate, we would recommend you two cakes: Φυστίκι (dark chocolate cake with marzipan and pistachio). Once you try this specialty, you will always look for it again.

greek_chocolate_brandsThe second cake is a specialty of the house Max Perry which is filled with chocolate mousse . This cake is phenomenal, but we would not recommend it to people who are overweight, because it have a lot of calories.

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