How to Pick the Best Dark Chocolate

Exactly what to look for when seeking out a healthy chocolate product? Look at the product packaging and ensure that a minimum of 70 % of it is pure cocoa.Almost every day appears information on TV or internet that it is healthy to eat chocolate. This information has become generally known to everyone, from children to the elderly person. Usually this articles lists useful substances that contain chocolate, so many people are eating increasing amounts. Some wonder whether every single chocolate is healthy? I will tell you right now: not every chocolate is good for health. For example, milk chocolate has only half the nutrients of dark chocolate. Thus, only dark chocolate is good for health, but it’s not for everyone and it is just for a real sweet tooth.

Dark chocolate is typically bitter and takes some time to obtain used to. Many various brand names recently have actually been making dark chocolate made to preserve its health perks. Everyone has a somewhat various taste, so experiment with what’s available after examining its contents (for cocoa saturation) and see which you can get made use of to the most convenient and which one you like the most. You could wish to attempt different ones to keep it fresh and differed in tastes. Dark chocolate is an acquired taste once you get a taste for the bitterness, all other sorts of dark chocolate often taste even more harmonized providing you a new world of chocolate flavors to keep things fresh!

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Make certain you check the ingredients for fats and other components that are fatty, sweet, and unhealthy. Some manufacturers declare the chocolate is healthy, however then add a lots of sugar and veggie fat, which can counter the advantages. Search for drinks NOT consisting of palm, coconut, or milk fats.

Choose drinks that contain a large quantity of cocoa butter and no various other fats. All fats in chocolate are saturated fats; however cocoa butter has a neutral result on your cholesterol levels. Other fats can and tend to raise your cholesterol, while cocoa butter does not really impact it at all either way.

Cocoa beverages have to be chosen even more thoroughly as they have the tendency to be more “other ingredients” and only 10 percent chocolate. Drinking the wrong chocolate drink can afford you definitely nothing but fat and sugar content, and even worse, if it includes milk, even the tiny amount of chocolate in it is canceled out since the body’s guts cannot absorb it. Ensure the chocolate in the drink isn’t Dutch treated, but unsweetened (and no milk).

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Method of production of chocolate is very important in determining whether chocolate is healthy. Here we have another problem: most people do not like the bitter taste, so manufacturers remove it. However, with removing of the bitter taste useful flavonoids disappears too. As we know, flavonoids are very healthy, so chocolate whose bitterness is removed – is not healthy at all. In this way, manufacturers who use a process called “Dutching” sacrifice beneficial ingredients for taste. simply, if you care about your health, forget dark chocolate  produced in this way. With growing number of customers looking for healthy dark chocolate, manufacturers began to offer chocolate with a high content of polyphenols (Without taking away the great taste)

How to choose a chocolate product good for your health

Since you are now familiar with basic information about dark chocolate, you can begin to search for healthy products. As each chocolate is case for itself, you should consider the following things:

It would be good if the cocoa beans were dried on the sun, rather than fried, because doing so can destroy flavonoids.


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Good chocolate does not go through alkalization process, also called “Dutching”

During the processing of chocolate, temperature should not exceed 43 degrees Celsius or 110 degrees Fahrenheit

If you want to lose weight, be careful with dark chocolate! It is healthy, but dark chocolate has a high caloric value. Hundred grams (about 3 ounces) contains about 450 calories!

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