Lindt & Sprüngli, often referred to as Lindt, is a luxury Swiss based chocolate and confectionery company.  Lindt have very long tradition, because it was founded in 1845. From their excellent intense Lindt’s dark chocolate bars to the exquisite Creation of dark chocolate filled bars.All  Lindt & Sprüngli extra dark (with over 70% cocoa) chocolate products do not include barley malt (gluten) in the recipe, but as they run on the same production lines as other products there is a chance of cross contamination.

Lindt’s Maîtres Chocolatiers have developed a very wide range of chocolate options to please every dark chocolate lover with all kinds of different tastes.

Some of them are:

Excellence Chili Bar

Excellence Chili is an unique and completely Lindt chili
a new kind of taste experience which combine
Lindt’s finest aromatic dark chocolate with
the well balanced spice of premium red chili.
It is one of a kind chocolate ever tried. 


Touch of the Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar

A Pack of twelve excellence dark chocolate bars, Lindt - A Touch of Sea Salt Bar
3.5oz per package. It is a dark chocolate with experience like no other with a delicate touch of seasoning of hand harvested Fleur de Sel. The Chocolate beans have also been hand-picked with only the highest quality cocoa beans. It is one of the premium dark chocolate collections.



Excellence Dark Strawberry

Awaken your dormant senses with the ultimate dark  Lindt Excellence Dark Strawberry Bar
chocolate pleasure Excellence Dark Strawberry Intense. Experience intense dark chocolate and real strawberry pieces in this amazing creation.

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