What began as a sour drink in primeval tropics of South America over 3000 years ago has become one of the world’s most popular treats. Dark chocolate was the only form of chocolate available at the very beginning. But now, Dark Chocolate is considered as a premium chocolate treat and commonly available around the world.
Many consumers have a preference for the sweet touch and sweet treats in the bitterness of NESTLÉ DARK CHOCOLATE has been especially designed to delight those palates.

The pros and cons of Nestlé’s dark chocolate:


  •           Product availability.
  •           Rich flavor.
  •           Brand name dependability.


  •           Maybe in the future they could offer chocolate with slightly higher amounts of cacao.

Some of the dark chocolate products are:

Nestle After Eights Dark Chocolate Mints

Wafer thin pieces of mint fondant wrapped in Nestle After Eights Dark Chocolate Mints
dark chocolate, each in a different crisp envelope.  It is flavored with cent% natural peppermint oil. The After Eight thin wafer mints are the nation’s favorite after dinner mints. Every square piece is an ideal balance of smooth, energizing mint fondant with thin dark bitter chocolate, and is used as a finishing touch to any meal by many people.



Nestle Club Dark Chocolate

You can start eating Dark Chocolate with the Nestle Club Dark Chocolate
Nestlé Club and take pleasure in the goodness of antioxidants. The various antioxidants that are found naturally, in foods like vegetables & fruits, red wine and cocoa that helps to keep the body healthy. Each serving of Nestlé Club chocolate is a rich source of antioxidants.


  •           Original
  •           Peppermint Cream
  •           Roasted Almond
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