Organic Dark Chocolate

Organic food is very popular and everyone wants it. But what exactly is organic food? The answer on this question is simple: Organic food is produced without using pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, hormones, additives, and genetically modified organisms. Instead, the methods of organic growing are: biological pest control, crop rotation and compost.
Are you looking for organic dark chocolate? It’s important to buy organic products because these cause less harm to our environment. So what exactly is a dark chocolate fair trade product and what makes it different form regular chocolate?

organic chocolates

Understanding Organic and Fair Trade

Most regular chocolate goes through a heavy amount of processing so you really don’t get a lot of pure chocolate at the end of the processing cycle. With organic chocolate the chocolate you get is as pure as possible which means you get more cocoa in the chocolate. When you buy organic chocolate it’s free of the many additives and preservatives that go into regular chocolate you buy at the store and the flavor is also better. Fair trade is when the producers are paid a fair price for their work and where there is sustainability in the product produced. There is higher environmental and social standards where fair trade products are produced. So as the consumer, you get a product of exceptional quality and the people that produce are compensated for doing the work to get the chocolate to you when you buy dark chocolate fair trade products.

Fairtrade chocolateWhen you buy your chocolate as a fair trade product you usually pay a bit more for it but at the same time you help to protect the environment and provide a better income for those that are less fortunate than you are. The chocolate that you do buy is great quality and dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants so it’s good for you in small doses too.


Quality products

There are many top quality dark chocolate products. Here’s what you can expect to see out there in the market. Note that dark chocolate isn’t as sweet as milk chocolate and for that reason some people don’t like it.


The chocolate bars are typically 60-90% cocoa. The bars taste great but some people won’t like the tats of the chocolate if they are used to sweeter commercial milk chocolate products.

Hot Chocolate Mixes

These mixes are high in cocoa and taste miles above any of the store bought chemical hot chocolate mixes. You will absolutely love organic hot chocolate products.

Dark Chocolate for Baking

This chocolate is high in Cocoa and is used exclusively for baking purposes. Use this instead of the sweet chocolate chips you buy in the grocery store.

Cacao Powder

You can add cacao powder to any main dessert that calls for chocolate for rich flavor. An organic brand s best because there are no additives.


Energy Bars

You will also find dark chocolate in many energy bars too. Just be sure to read the ingredients and make sure everything is organic before you buy.

Try Different Brands

You will need to sample a few organic Dark chocolate brands to find the type of Dark chocolate fair trade product that you like the best.  Chocolate can vary from producer to producer and there are some great organic brands and some that aren’t as good. Just like coffee, wine, and similar products chocolate has many unique flavors and experiences too.


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