Premium Chocolate Brands

Premium chocolates are a further elevation of taste and quality of regular chocolates. Unfortunately there is no agreement as to what makes a chocolate premium. Chocolate makers and chocolate eaters are divided on the issue. There is no definition about it on international arena either. However, rarity and quality of ingredients used, higher pricing tag and production process involved are some of the important yardsticks employed to evaluate whether a chocolate is premium or not. Premium chocolates are usually used as gifts. Many chocolate explorers also buy them to feel the exclusive taste they contain.

Characteristics of Premium Chocolates

Premium chocolates have some characteristics that ordinary chocolates don’t have. Smearing is a common problem with all type of solid chocolate products. Baking chirps are used in premium chocolates to stop it from smearing as they have dextrose property in it. The process involved is time consuming and costly.

noka chocolateHigher percentage of cocoa butter is another indicator of a premium chocolate. According to legal standard in European Union, professional-quality coating chocolates must have 32% cocoa butter in them. Obviously premium chocolates should ideally have higher cocoa butter content.

In addition to cocoa butter, premium chocolates also have high cacao content.  A minimum 65% cacao content has been generally accepted as requirement to qualify as premium chocolates. Because of high cocoa content premium chocolates have properties of dark chocolates.

Premium chocolates have natural flavours in them. Natural flavour is nothing but poor cacao in them. Natural flavour requires higher use level and shorter shelf life. Therefore high quality cacao beans (Places where cacao goes naturally) have to be used. The higher the cacao content the stronger the chocolate flavour. The Conching process involved should be more sophisticated as it has to aerates the mass and distribute cocoa butter throughout the solid chocolates.

Other ingredients except cocoa

Premium chocolates have to be medicinally useful. In addition to cocoa, other proven medically beneficial roots and fruits like Ginger, Peppers, Blueberries and Raisins are commonly used in manufacturing process of premium chocolates.

Finally, premium chocolates are expensive. Expensiveness is one of the most important indicators of premium chocolate. A standard premium chocolate has a price tag of three figures. So, premium chocolates are expensive chocolates.

It is important to note that above characterization of premium chocolates should not be viewed as a water tight compartment. Many expensive chocolate makers have deviated from the norms to make their products unique and varied. For example, Chicago based chocolate manufacturer Vosges use only 41 % cocoa content to manufacture its extremely popular premium chocolate ‘Deep Milk Chocolate Bar’. It has been also noticed many expensive chocolate manufacturers use different ingredients and less cocoa to add varied flavours.

It remains the most important question: What kind of chocolate could be called premium? In our opinion, these are:

  • Chocopologie by Knipschildt
  • Godiva ‘G’ Collection
  • Noka Vintages Collections
  • Delfee Chocolate 
  • Richart Chocolates
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