Raw Chocolate

Today raw chocolate has become hot favourite for chocolate lovers. Raw chocolate retains all the natural beneficial properties present in cacao and at the same time removes many negatives that come with regular chocolates. So, what are raw chocolates?

What is raw chocolate and how it is manufactured?

Well, as the name implies raw chocolates are raw cacao. Unlike in regular chocolates, cacao powder doesn’t undergo normal process of processing during the manufacturing of raw chocolate. Raw chocolates are prepared under low temperature. They are usually made by blending cocoa powder and cocoa butter with sweeteners and binding ingredients, such as agave syrup and coconut oil. These just techniques make the chocolate tasty but don’t transform cocoa powder into chocolate bar. There are some techniques employed for this conversion.

Raw chocolate puddingThere are some chocolatiers, who oppose the use of word “raw” as so called raw chocolates are not completely unprocessed. To more or lesser extent cocoa undergo some processing and roasting and thus chocolates is not completely raw. Some processing is required to remove bacteria present in cocoa and give it a chocolate flavour.

Raw chocolate truffles and raw chocolate puddings

Not just raw chocolates bar but also raw chocolate truffles and raw chocolate pudding are being manufactured and are being sold in market. Raw cocoa powder in the truffle and pudding are not treated with synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. The organic chocolate truffle and pudding should not stop at cocoa powder – any other ingredients added in the blend such as sugar, milk, nuts, fruits, spices etc should be organic as well. While raw chocolate truffle has a organic creamy ganache in the centre, while avocado is the most important ingredient in making raw chocolate puddle.

Famous Raw Chocolate Brands:

There are many manufacturers worldwide who manufacture raw chocolates. Here are some famous brands.

Giddy Yoyo is a Canadian company. It makes a range of flavoured 75% dark raw chocolate bars that is gluten free, soy free, dairy free, and free of refined sugar and “other nasty funk” as the folks at Giddy Yoyo like to say. They also sell raw cacao nibs.

Elements for Life: Elements for life is a British chocolate manufacturer. The company sells a kit for making raw chocolate yourself (no actual nibs or beans int he kit though, just raw cacao powder & cacao butter) and also sell the Yummy Scrummy Brownie and raw ingredients like nibs and nuts so you can make your own creations at home.

Raw sacred chocolateSacred Chocolate: Sacred Chocolate is an American chocolate manufacturer that is famous for their raw organic chocolate. They hand pour and hand wrap each bar in a small custom designed, certified organic, vegan, and 100% renewable energy and carbon balanced factory. It’s one of the best choices for vegan dark chocolate fans.





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