People love chocolate because of its sweet taste. The aroma of cacao is enhanced by removing the bitterness and adding sugar. Sugar is an essential component in the preparation of chocolate. The idea of sugar free chocolate thus sounds like oxymoron. But sugar free chocolates have become a necessity because of growing number of people with diabetes all over world. It is a proven fact that if sugar content is eliminated from chocolates, the health benefits of cacao can be greatly enhanced. Many people also want to reduce the calories intake in chocolates and thus eliminating calorie rich sugar sounds plausible.

Sugar free chocolate is already a booming market and many well-known chocolate brands have introduced sugar free chocolates with huge success. To maintain sweetness of chocolate, many alternative sweeteners are used. Most commonly used sweetening agent is a sugar alcohol called Maltitol. The term “sugar alcohol” is misleading as Maltitol is neither a sugar not an alcohol. There are other alternatives to Maltitol such as Erythritol, Xylitol and Stevia. Each of these substances has its own limitation. Xylitol is best but of limited availability.

Sugar Free Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is favourite chocolate of majority of chocolate lovers. Because of high cocoa content, it tastes bitter than any other chocolate. It is sugar, which balances the bitterness of cocoa content. Thus introducing sugar free dark chocolate is a challenging task.

The good news is that many well-known chocolate manufacturers are able to manufacture sugar free dark chocolates.  Here are some best of the best picks.

doveDove Dark Chocolate Sugar Free: Dove may not be a pioneer in the chocolate industry, but when it comes to sugar free dark chocolate it is certainly ahead of others. Few manufactures are able to retain the same taste and flavour of normal chocolate in their sugar free dark chocolates as Dove did.  Its well-known dark chocolate verities are Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Mint, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Crème and Chocolate Crème Dark Chocolate Sugar Free.  These dark chocolates have intense chocolate flavours. The only downside is that they are bit costly than other brands.

Sorbee’s Sugar Free Dark Chocolate: Sorbee ‘s smooth and silky sugar free dark chocolate is one of its kind. The cocoa content in it is perfect. It has essential anti-oxidants and provides a perfect nutritional deserts and healthy energy snacks.  Maltitol in the chocolate does not mess the sugar level in the blood. The taste is also great. However, the brand lacks varieties and not widely available.

russelRussell Stover:  Russell Stover is famous for the wide varieties of sugar free dark chocolate it has.  These chocolates are handcrafted in small batches using copper kettles and kitchen mixers for a better chocolate taste and quality. The chocolate products have 60 % of pure cocoa content and high anti-oxidants properties. The chocolates are individually wrapped that make it a good for carrying. It is not for nothing that Russell Stover is number one selling sugar free dark chocolate in America.

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