Sugar free hot chocolates

Those who are averse of sugar but at the same time don’t want to give up their favourite hot chocolates, sugar free hot chocolate is a great option. It is worthwhile to note that hot chocolate is not a solid chocolate but a beverage. It is made using shaved chocolates, milk, water, cocoa powder and of course sugar. Sugar free hot chocolate preparation requires any artificial sugar agent like Maltitol in the place of sugar.

Chocolate in liquid form is first used by Mayan, which was the original way to consume chocolate. But, it was a Dutchman named Hendrick Van Houten, who invented the process of drinking it in a warm condition in 1829. From them hot chocolates evolved over times. Sugar free hot chocolate is a recent addition.

hotchocolateThere are many well-known brands manufacturing sugar free hot chocolates. It is noteworthy that these products cannot be consumed directly but requires a little preparation at home. These manufacturers just sell the cocoa mix that contains artificial sugar. With a little preparation like boiling and stirring at home, they can be made edible hot chocolates w. Here are some famous sugar free hot chocolate brands.

Amber Lyn: Amber Lyn is a Belgian chocolate manufacturer. Its sugar free hot chocolate comes with lot of health benefits. It contains more cocoa content and has perfect mix of proteins and fibres. Just mixing with hot water is enough to savour the great taste of hot chocolates with no sugar.

Hershey’s: Hershey’s sugar free hot chocolate mix is a dieter’s dream. One tablespoon serving has only 15 calories, zero grams of total fat, zero mg of cholesterol, one gram of protein and four grams of sugar alcohol. The taste is such delicious that it is difficult to believe the product is sugar free. It is cheaper than other similar products.

fudge-kings-cupboardKing’s Cupboard Sugar Free Hot Chocolate: Whether you want a sugar free product or not, this mix is so delicious. It gives the taste of melted chocolate pieces in your coffee mug. The colour is dark because of high cocoa content. This brand is best for diehard fans of dark hot chocolates.

Chocolates despite of immense health benefits have not been favoured by medicos because of many other substances including sugar added in the manufacturing process. Sugar free chocolates not only enhanced the healing properties of cocoa but also satisfy the craving of diehard chocolate fans who are wary of sugar for one reason or other.

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