Swiss Chocolate Brands

Nine out of ten people love chocolate. Lovers gift it to each other for its aphrodisiac properties. This smooth, much loved and delicious thing is first invented in Switzerland in 17th century before it spread to other parts of the world.When it comes to choice of chocolate brands, majority of people would invariably prefer Swiss chocolate brands.  There is something unique taste and irresistible aroma in Swiss chocolate that set them apart from others. They are synonymous with highest quality and taste at its best

Swiss Chocolates: A Brief History

Chocolates we eat have around 70 per cent of Cocoa content. Initially Cocoa was used in drink form in Mexico during 15th century. Then it spread to other countries like Spain, France and England.  An English company named Fry and Sons in 1847 introduced world’s first eating chocolate. It did not attract much attention because of its bitter test.

Swiss dark chocolateIt was a Swiss man named Daniel Peter in 1874, who came with the idea of adding milk to chocolate to reduce costs and make it more palatable. He along with his neighbor named Henri Nestle developed milk chocolate in 1875. Their invention quickly changed the perception about chocolate as eatable.


Even after this invention, chocolate was still not that popular due to its uneven and gritty texture. It was another Swiss man named Rodolphe Lindt who invented a process called “Conching”, a manufacturing process that produces cocoa and sugar particles smaller than the tongue can detect. This discovery made chocolate smooth, tasty and alterable to different forms and sizes. Had not Lintd invented “Conching”, we still would have been eating gritty chocolates.

Swiss Chocolates: Ingredients

swiss alps chocolateThere are wide varieties of Swiss chocolates with different set of ingredients. Swiss chocolates are manufactured in Switzerland. There are around 500 high quality ingredients used in chocolate making but cocoa beans, cocoa butter, milk and sugar are the main ingredients in Swiss chocolates.

Majority of ingredients including cocoa required to make chocolates are imported as they are not available or grown inside Switzerland. However, milk which is a basic ingredient in Swiss chocolate always comes from Swiss cows that are fed organic diet like alpine grass.

Among the chocolates that are being made in Switzerland, Swiss dark chocolate is one of its kind and very high in cocoa content. Unlike other high-fat chocolates, Swiss dark chocolate contain more anti-oxidants and has many health benefits. Chocolate from Switzerland was model for development of tenth of german chocolate brands. It helps keep blood pressure and cholesterol to minimum. It also helps in heart and cardiovascular system run better. It has equally good taste.

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