Switzerland is famous for the production of really great chocolate.  Toblerone has a fairly long but not very eventful history. As the story goes, it all started in 1868 when Swiss businessman Jean Tobler opened a small pastry shop in Bern. First, he sold products of other manufacturers, but in 1899 decided to create his own factory. This factory was named the Fabrique de Chocolat Berne, Tobler & Cie. Shortly after that, his son Theodor Tobler took over and with the help of his cousin Emil Baumann they gave birth to triangle-shaped Toblerone dark chocolate and milk chocolate with honey and nougat.

These days, Toblerone is a household name in many sweets stores in different countries, but the range of products from Toblerone isn’t big. The most common ones are 100 gram, 200 gram or 400 gram chocolate bars of dark, milk and white chocolate. Duty-free shops, apart from chocolate bars, usually offer packages of small chocolate bars-like candies.

Generally, people do enjoy Toblerone dark chocolate, milk or white chocolate and it leaves a good impression on first-timers. It is very rich and tastes delicious; however, some might find it a little too sweet. The main reason people might dislike this chocolate is because of its specific nougat and honey content, which very often sticks to your teeth. Price isn’t over the top, but it does come from the expensive region. There might be better options out there for the price of Toblerone, but due to its triangular shape, this chocolate appeals to a lot of people and actually makes a great gift.

Unlike Godiva, Lindt or Dove, their Swiss competitors Toblerone that produce milk, white and darkDark Toblerone chocolate do not have as big of variety to offer. However, due to its unique triangular shape and very sweet taste that comes with honey and nougat, Toblerone has gained a huge amount of fans that consider it to be the most flavorful and very tender chocolate.

This chocolate is so well-known because of the very smart marketing that focuses on the exclusive part that Toblerone comes with and its uniqueness. This chocolate is very easily recognizable, because there are so many famous commercials that won numerous awards at advertising festivals. And of course the packaging design attracts the eye of the most chocolate addicts with its originality and novelty.

This amazing chocolate comes in four plain and simple varieties of milk chocolate, dark chocolate Box of dark Tobleroneand white chocolate, and the newest one with fruit and nuts that was introduced in 2007. All these chocolates come with honey and nougat – another trick that made this chocolate very special. The most common chocolate bars offered come in 50 grams, 100 grams, 200 grams and 400 grams. Apart from chocolate bars, Toblerone also offers bags of pieces of chocolate, either milk or variety, and seasonal packaging which makes a great gift.

Reviews of Toblerone chocolate are mostly positive, although there are people complaining about different aspects of this Swiss product, like sticky nougat and the price. Despite its history, a lot of reviewers do not consider Toblerone to be a classic chocolate due to the specifics that it comes with, but nonetheless, you will rarely find a person complaining about a poor taste of this great chocolate.

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