Types of Chocolate

In today’s world whenever anyone hears the word “Chocolate”, our minds tends to imagine a box, or a bar of bonbon, or one of their favorite chocolate. There are so many different types of chocolates nowadays one can’t even tell all the names of the chocolates available. The variations in chocolates, is found due to the different levels of cocoa present in each chocolate.
There are the three main types of chocolate: Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate.

         Dark Chocolate

A chocolate is called Dark chocolate only if there is absence of milk solids. It is a chocolate with nothing or very less milk than milk chocolate. It is manufactured / made by adding sugar and fat to cocoa. Dark chocolate has more cocoa above 65-70% and doesn’t taste like a milk chocolate, as it does not include milk solids to compete with the pure chocolate taste. On the other hand, due to the lack of milk additives it means that dark chocolate is more prone to a dry, chalky texture and a bitter aftertaste.

The main essential ingredients in dark chocolate bars are cacao beans, flavorings such as vanilla, an emulsifier such as soy lecithin to preserve texture, and sugar. It is often well-known by the presence of the percentage of cocoa solids in the bar. The percentage of cocoa in commercial dark chocolate can vary from 30% also known as sweet dark to 60%-75%, the percentage can even go above 80% for extremely dark chocolate. The dark chocolate can be further distinguished by the content of cocoa in the dark chocolate. These include semi-sweet, bittersweet and sweet dark chocolate.


         White Chocolate

White chocolate is a chocolate derivative. It is a sweet delicacy that contains a cocoa butter, blend of milk and sugar, vanilla is often added to it along with some other flavoring. As the white chocolate doesn’t have any cocoa solids it doesn’t have a chocolate flavor. Due to this, white chocolate does not contain the antioxidant properties or many characterizing ingredients of chocolate, such as thiamine, phenyl ethylamine, the obromine, and riboflavin . The name “white chocolate” is given due to the cocoa butter it contains, even if cheap varieties of white chocolate will have most or all of the cocoa butter replaced by vegetable fats. The cocoa butter is often deodorized to remove its strong taste.

Since white chocolate has no cocoa solids, it contains only trace amounts of the stimulants the obromine and caffine.


          Milk Chocolate

It is one of the best-selling types of chocolate in the world today. It contains cocoa solids, dry milk solids or condensed milk. It was Henry Nestle, inventor of evaporated milk who made it possible to mix chocolate and milk by mixing sweetened condensed milk with chocolate. Milk chocolates are characteristically much sweeter than dark chocolate. With companies like Nestle and Lindt making milk chocolate in Switzerland, Cadbury’s manufacturing it in Britain and Stollwerk making it in Germany it quickly became the number chocolate product of Europe and quickly spread to the United States. It is still the most popular type of chocolate present to this day.


There are also many different delicacies that can be made with chocolate e.g. Chocolate truffles and chocolate candy.

Chocolate truffle is a type of chocolate dessert, made with a chocolate ganache center coated in chocolate, icing sugar, cocoa powder or chopped toasted nuts, usually in a spherical or curved shape.

Chocolate candy is unique in a manner that it contains both chocolate and a finished candy by itself. The chocolate candies have various different recipes that range from dense fudges and silky truffles to simple candies like chocolate clusters and chocolate barks.

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