France is famous for the production of really great dark chocolate. Now the French company by the name of Valrhona was founded in 1922 under the name of Chocolaterie du Vivarais by the pastry chef from the Rhone Valley. From the very beginning, this factory’s motto was “use only the best of the best”. This formerly small factory now has 350 employees and produces 6,000 tons of Valrhona dark chocolate per year.

The company buys cocoa beans from a huge number of small planters in the Caribbean and Indonesia, where the crop is limited and the quality of the beans is very high. Thanks to these suppliers of high quality cocoa beans and the traditional methods of production, Valrhona are able to produce products that cannot be beaten in sophistication and taste.

To this date, Valrhona is considered to be one of the top manufacturers of bittersweet chocolate in the world and is also a leader in the research and quality. A priority of this company is the manufacture of premium chocolate for the world’s best chefs and confectioners. There are three kinds of Valrhona dark chocolate Grand Cru, which allows the masters to express their skills in full potential.

French chocolate company Valrhona that is currently a number one manufacturer of bittersweet chocolate and a leader of chocolate supplies for famous chefs and confectioners produces a wide variety of dark chocolate and milk chocolate that goes by the name of Grand Cru, which means “highest quality”. Valrhona came up with three kinds of dark chocolates.

Manjari Grand Cru is from the Indian Ocean with 64% cocoa. Manjari Grand Cru

Thanks to the use of criollo beans and addition of grapefruit, this chocolate turned out to be very rich and with an exquisite taste.



Caraibe Grand Cru is from Caribbean with 66% cocoa. Caraibe Grand Cru

It is very harmonious and soft at its core with

the addition of dried fruit and a slight touch of wood.




Guanaja Grand Cru dark chocolate is from South America Guanaja Grand Cru jpg
with 70% cocoa. Again, thanks criollo beans with their
floral and fruity aroma combined with a beautiful
bouquet of Trinitario, this chocolate is just amazing.



Alongside the production of their famous dark and bittersweet chocolate, Valrhona put all their efforts and skills to produce great new flavors of milk chocolate. Jivara is a brand new kind of Grand Cru milk chocolate. It is light and sweet, with a specific taste that is ideal for mousses. It is also perfect for casting (decorations) due to its caramel and vanilla additives.

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